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A wine bar and modern bistro that channels the style of Mondrian, YSL, Godard and Bauhaus, using bold colors and geometric shapes to express a postmodern aesthetic sensibility.

Stepping inside Coquette you are instantly transported to a pink, Parisian dream where romance and the liberating energy of the French New Wave meet audacious natural wines and cooking done exclusively on charcoal and wood by Bonhomme’s award-winning culinary team. Vibrant interiors fashioned with curvaceous furnishings wrapped in soft textures and a palette of pinks and lavenders offer a distinct vision for what a modern French bistro can be.

Coquette offers an elevated setting where 40 guests can enjoy a Parisian party filled with French flavors, bubbles, spirits and music. Interaction is part of the experience at Coquette — especially at our “Kitchen Counter” – where guests are invited behind the bar for complimentary pours and to select albums from our record collection for the evening’s musical stylings. Learn more about our concept and design.